Online Sessions and COVID-19

onlineDuring the COVID-19 emergency, sessions will be held online. It might be a way of having sessions that you never imagined before, and it surely has a different feel to face-to-face therapy. Nonetheless, I have years of experience with online sessions and I can assure you that this modality is just as valuable.

Should you be interested in online sessions, you can contact me via email or phone. We will then agree on a brief assessment period, which will give you the opportunity to gauge how comfortable you feel with this mode of therapy. It will also help us have a first impression of how and whether we can work together. When you contact me, I will give you information on the videoconferencing platform we will be using and I will send you a brief document on privacy.

Please visit my page on individual (or couple) therapy so you can have more information on how therapy sessions generally work.


The events and developments following COVID-19 might have affected you – new and complex emotions, sensations and thoughts might have surfaced. Or, maybe, pre-existing feelings and states of mind have been amplified. If you think sharing what you are going through with someone might help you, ┬átherapy can offer a space when we can explore new points of view and alternative perspectives on this experience.